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What is a high risk payment gateway?

High-risk payment gateways are front-end solutions that manage credit card authorization requests. Naturally, this involves sensitive data management. If your business necessitates a high risk payment gateway, you must make sure your provider guarantees PCI compliance. A High Risk Payment Gateway will also implement anti-fraud tools such as 3DS and offer customized anti-fraud systems to assess the reliability of a transaction. It is the gatekeeper which assesses the risk profile of each transaction and decides in real-time if an authorization request should be sent to the acquiring bank or not.

Which issues does a high risk payment gateway solve?

A high-risk payment gateway provides your business with payment optimization. This will increase the approval ratio of payments. At the same time, it protects you against fraud and chargebacks. At eFlow Processing, we make sure our payment gateway partners implement the following:

  • Strong customer authentication (SCA - 3DS)
  • Address verification service (AVS)
  • Card verification value (CVV)
  • Emergency plans for technical issues

A High Risk Payment Gateway can act as a payment orchestration platform and connect merchants to multiple payment and payment method providers. Having a unified solution allows merchants to quickly acces their reporting on a centralized dashboard. It saves time and energy. The number of integrations is a key selling proposition for technical payment gateways because it takes a huge effort to connect to a new acquirers, not to mention the cost of doing it. 

Smart Routing

A high risk merchant payment gateway for high-risk business will offer security in the form of contingency plans in case of technical issues with a payment provider. This will help avoid a lot of loss of sales. It will also route the transactions based on their probability of success (approval ratio) to maximize your revenues.

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What is a payment gateway?

The payment gateway is the front-end technology responsible for sending credit card authorization requests to the merchant acquiring bank, where the transaction is then processed.

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