Your success is our success.

Our mission is for every legitimate online business to succeed. Our business model is success-based. We have mutual interests in making this all work.

RDR cases and Ethoca alerts per month
Years of combined experience in High Risk
Acquiring Partners


It's all about People. eFlow Processing is carefully selecting its partners and clients to ensure long and lasting relationships. Trust and transparency are crutial to succeed in this business.


Our team members are located in Brussels, Amsterdam and Warsaw, with plans to expand globally.


Founder & CEO

Our CEO and Founder, Benjamin Joyeux, is a former Business Development Director in a top-5 multinational acquiring company. He launched eFlow Processing to help High Risk Merchants to find sustainable banking and acquiring solutions.

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Director of Finance & Operations

Antoine is an experienced professional with a strong background in business consulting and government service. As the Director of Finance and Operations, he excels in billing, reporting, and analytical work. He's dedicated to providing clients with valuable insights for informed, strategic decisions, driving business growth and success.

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Head of Risk & Acquirer Relationships

David boasts a two-decade career in multinational payment firms, specializing in risk management, compliance, and fraud prevention. As eFlow Processing's Risk & Compliance lead, he leverages his extensive experience to enhance sustainability and identify growth opportunities. His close collaboration with commercial stakeholders and management of relationships with acquirer partners and APM providers align seamlessly with the company's long-term goals since his arrival in Spring 2023.

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eFlow Secure Product Manager

Marek, a customer-centric problem solver and avid payment ecosystem enthusiast, joined eFlow Processing in April 2023 with a mission: to safeguard client revenue, optimize high-risk e-commerce businesses sustainably, and shield merchants from fraud and disputes. While his educational background is in linguistics, he found his true passion in finance. With two years of experience at leading Issuing and Acquiring banks, he's developed expertise in high-risk e-commerce verticals. In his free time, Marek enjoys Formula 1, gym workouts, video games, and recently, airsoft.

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Head of Customer Support

Michał, aged twenty-seven, began his payments career in a top-5 multinational acquiring company, working with major ISOs in their high-risk division. He then joined CitiBank Europe's AML Sanctions unit. Currently, as Head of Customer Support at eFlow Processing for approximately a year, he manages merchant onboarding across various acquirers and offers ongoing assistance. In his free time, Michał enjoys sports, weightlifting, and coffee.

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Head of Sales

Robbert, a Dutch PSP professional, became a trusted relationship manager. He joined a top-5 multinational acquiring company over nine years ago to establish a high-risk portfolio from scratch. Despite industry unfamiliarity, he successfully educated and formed lasting partnerships worldwide. In the present year, he continues contributing to eFlow Processing's success, working with a respected industry team. Beyond work, Robbert enjoys global connections, ocean activities, sports, speed biking, and birdwatching with his children in mountains.

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Customer Service Representative

Alina has an analytical mind with a creative touch, working previously in KYC, AML, Data Management and Brand Protection, ensuring compliance, protecting businesses and providing exceptional customer service .In additional to this, she brings a unique perspective shaped by her artistic and literary pursuits, approaching challenges with a innovative mindset in order to offer effective solutions for eFlow customers. 

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Our partners

We are constantly looking for new partners to add value to our clients. Feel free to reach out.

Supported Business model

Icon shop


Any product that can be shipped or delivered to the customer's address.


Other types of High Risk businesses

Other types of High Risk businesses


Digital goods

Any goods that are sold, delivered and transferred in digital form



Dietary supplements and Cosmetics



Merchants charging customers for goods or services at predefined intervals


Why should I rely on you to open merchant accounts?

  • You will get a compliancy review of your business, free of charge.
  • You will benefit from our extensive network and good reputation in the payment industry.
  • You will be assisted by payment experts during and after the onboarding process.
  • You will always be aware of the industry trends and regulation changes.

What is your experience in high risk payment processing?

The Team, collectively boasting decades of experience in the payment industry (specifically in High Risk) consists of 7 individuals, each an expert within their field. Backed up by extensive network of Partners, Clients and Friends in the business and having worked at financial institutions (such as the acquiring bank - Worldline) together we offer a complete, professional and top-level service which is based on knowledge, expertise and adaptability - which are key in the ever-changing world of payments.

Are you registered as an ISO?

Yes, we are registered as an ISO at both card schemes.

WHO we

Get to know our dedicated team of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service and drive success for our merchants. Whether it's through collaboration, innovation, or a committment to excellence, our team members embody the values that make our company a leader in the industry.