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Our mission is for every legitimate online business to succeed. Our business model is success-based. We have mutual interests in making this all work.

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Founded in January 2022

Our CEO and Founder, Benjamin Joyeux, is a former Business Development Director at Worldline. He launched eFlow Processing to help High Risk Merchants to find sustainable banking and acquiring solutions.

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Trust & Transparency

It's all about People. eFlow Processing is carefully selecting its partners and clients to ensure long and lasting relationships. Trust and transparency are crutial to succeed in this business.

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Our partners

We are constantly looking for new partners to add value to our clients. Feel free to reach out.


eFlow Processing is a pure high-risk player. We stay lazer focus on a limited number of verticals/industries to maintain the highest level of expertise and knowledge.

Recurring billing

Merchants charging customers for goods or services at predefined intervals

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Recurring billing

Recurring billing

Merchants charging customers for good and services at predefined intervals represent additional risks of disputes than straight sales merchants. In additional, subscription merchants use various marketing tactics to attract more customers such as negative option billing (free or paid trial). It is a well known and effective business model, but it can also generate confusion or dissatisfaction because the seller interprets a customer's silence as assent to be charged for goods or services. Acquirers are often reluctant to board recurring billing merchants, especially if the subscription interval is longer than 6 months. At eFlow Processing, our goal is to maximize your chances of getting approved despite your riskier business model. Recurring billing brings additional risks of disputes.

Digital goods

Any goods that are sold, delivered and transferred in digital form

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Digital goods

Digital goods

We support e-commerce businesses selling digital content such as online courses, e-books, coaching programs and softwares.


Accept crypto payments on your website and get settled in fiat or crypto

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Merchants are always looking for ways to maximize their conversion rate. By offering alternative payment methods, merchants can unlock access to certain types of customers and make it more convenient for them to purchase. One of those alternative payment methods (APMs) is of course the crypto payment. Together with our trusted partner, we make it possible. You can get settled in crypto or in fiat, at your best convenience. You don't have to hold crypto or face price volatility. It's your choice.


Why should I rely on you to open merchant accounts?

  • You will get a compliancy review of your business, free of charge.
  • You will benefit from our extensive network and good reputation in the payment industry.
  • You will be assisted by payment experts during and after the onboarding process.
  • You will always be aware of the industry trends and regulation changes.

What is your experience in high risk payment processing?


Benjamin Joyeux joined the payment industry in 2014. He started as an Account Manager for Worldline in Belgium, then became International Business Development Manager specialized in High Risk in 2016. His last position at Worldline was Head of Business Development for High Risk. He was in charge of a team of business developers across the globe.

Are you registered as an ISO?


Yes, we are registered as an ISO at both card schemes.

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