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Here at eFlow Processing, we help you to open a multi-currency bank account with many financial institutions.

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A multi-currency bank account facilitates multi currency payment processing

Online business is not necessarily bound by borders. By opening a multi-currency account, you can easily process payment transactions for users from all over the world. This account will help you simplify the administrative management within your company and avoid conversion costs. You can decide which currency to use at any time.

In addition, users will be able to find information on the exact price of products and services in their local currency.

This is particularly important when it comes to multi-currency credit card processing. For these transactions, financial institutions often use exchange rates that are unfavorable to customers. They may also apply international transaction fees. Your customers will not have to worry about these costs if you incorporate multi-currency credit card processing.

How does your business benefit from multi currency payment processing?

Processing payments in multiple currencies can have a significant impact on your profitability because this:

  • Allows you to avoid exchange rate fluctuations that can increase your operating costs;
  • Improves user experience, helping to drive loyalty and reduce chargeback rates;
  • Facilitates international customer acquisition by providing transparent and accurate pricing information in local currencies; and,
  • As a result, you will see a significant increase in your sales.

For all these reasons, multi currency payment processing is a vital tool for online businesses. However, you should think carefully about how to implement it, as the total cost of transactions could take a big chunk out of your profits. Serving foreign customers involves additional exchange rate costs (bank commissions, conversion fees, cross-border fees, etc.) which translate into lost money.

How does eFlow Processing work?

eFlow Processing simplifies the multi-currency processing of payments by centralizing the entire operation on a single platform. This reduces your company's administrative workload and provides greater agility. Moreover, thanks to our partnerships with acquiring banks and payment gateways, we can guarantee a solution tailored to your needs.

In fact, the model works for large companies as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our work starts with project analysis and a tailored proposal. We manage the relationship with service providers and ensure that your business is KYC-compliant. Then you can access our full range of resources without the need to assume a fixed fee.

There is no additional cost when you open a multi-currency bank account with eFlow Processing. And, thanks to our experience and good reputation, you are much more likely to be approved.


Why don't you offer virtual IBANs?

Virtual IBANs are most often not accepted by acquiring banks.

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