High-Risk e-commerce Merchant Account

We work as intermediaries between high-risk merchants and acquiring banks. We open merchant accounts for high-risk businesses with trusted acquirers across Europe and beyond.

Strong relationships with acquirers

in-depth industry knowledge

Customer-centric approach

Excellent market reputation

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The importance of the due diligence

The underwriting process is a necessary step to open a merchant account. Acquirers will always perform a due diligence to make sure that:

  • Your business fits their risk policy
  • Your website is compliant with the card scheme's rules
  • Your company structure is acceptable
  • Directors/UBOs are not problematic

We, at eFlow Processing, will help you through the whole process (gathering KYC documents, reviewing the websites, answering Acquirer's questions, etc.).

How much does eFow Processing cost?

The High Risk industry is a small world in constant mutation. It is vital to keep updated and take appropriate actions when required. At eFlow Processing, we handle the complexity to let our merchants focus on what really matters: make business.

We asked you what you expect from high-risk merchant service providers. Your feedback was that the most important is to have someone who will defend you like your financial lawyer would. If a breach occurs, clients expect eFlow Processing to become involved and save their business. This is what eFlow strives to do.

Our business model is very simple: we only get paid if the transaction is processed. Payment providers pay us only if our merchants are processing transactions and as long as they are successful. Our merchants' success is our success. It also means that we are working "for free" with our merchants. The results will speak for themselves.

What we do

Great! You have opened a high-risk e-commerce merchant account with eFlow Processing! This is a very important first step. eFlow Processing will also help you maintain the account. If there is any suspicious activity, we put a plan into action so a breach does not occur. We are constantly monitoring the following KPIs to avoid chargebacks or frauds:

  • Volume processed
  • Average transaction value
  • Approval ratio
  • Refund ratio
  • Chargeback ratio
  • Fraud ratio
  • Open-source complaints

If one or more KPIs turn red, we perform a quick analysis. We will consult you and the Acquirer on a remediation plan.


Why should I rely on a start-up to open a Merchant Account?

Competitors may have less time for clients and personalized solutions because of their size. eFlow Processing might be a smaller company, but we are committed to finding a personalized approach and solution for your case. We are prepared to go all in and bring your account to the next level.

WHO we

Get to know our dedicated team of passionate individuals who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service and drive success for our merchants. Whether it's through collaboration, innovation, or a committment to excellence, our team members embody the values that make our company a leader in the industry.