Crypto payment

Incorporating cryptocurrency merchant services can bring several advantages to your business. Accept cryptocurrency payments and receive fiat payments to:

Increase your revenue by adding a new and innovative payment method

Choose whether you want to be paid in fiat or cryptocurrency

Benefit from lower transaction fees

Receive no chargebacks

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No volatility exposure

Cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly common. Their success is largely due to the security they offer, as there is no exchange of sensitive data. Since third-party verification is not required, data breach or leakage risk is minimized. Generally, transactions are anonymous, and the record is kept on a blockchain with encrypted data.

If you are interested in offering your customers this payment method, you will need a reliable cryptocurrency trading service provider. This will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of a crypto payment, such as:

No volatility exposure.

The crypto payment provider will immediately convert the cryptocurrency to fiat, so the merchant will not be exposed to price volatility. In processing the transaction, your cryptocurrency trading service provider will inform you about the exchange rate. The trader and the buyer will be protected against cryptoasset fluctuations and be aware of the final settlement price in advance. Once the transaction is completed, the cryptocurrency trading service will credit your account with the amount as a crypto payment in the form of fial currency.

Lower fees

Transaction fees on crypto payments are much lower than those usually applied to payments made with credit or debit cards. Because there are fewer intermediaries involved, the cost of the transaction is therefore lower.

Cryptocurrency merchant services simply act as transaction centres for cryptocurrency processing. In other words, they provide technological solutions that will allow you to integrate crypto payments into your business.

No Chargebacks

The customer cannot file a dispute. The only way to reverse a transaction is to contact the merchant directly and request a refund. With cryptocurrencies, the dynamics between customers and merchants are completely different and the balance of power favours the former.

Crypto merchant services can help you take your business to a new level while minimizing risk. At eFlow Processing, we can provide the service and manage user support. Stop worrying about exchange rate risks and conversions and offer your customers a better, more optimal experience.

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Will I be exposed to crypto price volatility?

No, if you don't want to.

The exchange rate is fixed at the time of the transaction and guaranteed for both the merchant and its customer. Once the transaction is processed, cryptocurrencies are instantly exchanged to fiat (EUR, USD, GBP, etc.) and settled.

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