Issuer Authorization codes

Learn a bit about Authorization codes and familiarize yourself with the list of nearly all the identifiable codes out there!

What are these codes?

Issuer Authorization Response Codes are generated by the card issuer's system in response to a merchant's request for authorization to process a payment. These codes indicate the status of the transaction and whether the issuer has approved the transaction. 

What is their role?

It is important for merchants to be familiar with these codes to help them troubleshoot issues with transactions. They can usually be found in the transaction details or on the receipt provided by the payment gateway. They are an essential part of processing payments and ensure a smooth checkout process for customers and provide feedback in case of issues with authorization.

If you are looking for an explanation on a particular code to help you better understand the status of the authorization, we compiled a comprehensive list of common Credit Card Authorization Response Codes below:

Issuer Authorization codes
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