Ethoca Alerts, a MasterCard solution

Learn about Ethoca Alerts and how you can catch and prevent MasterCard chargebacks from occuring

Why Ethoca Alerts and how do they work?


Ethoca is a comprehensive fraud and chargeback management solution that leverages Mastercard's global network to identify potential fraud and dispute situations. Ethoca works by sending real-time alerts to merchants when a customer disputes a transaction. The merchant can then take immediate action to resolve the issue, potentially preventing a chargeback from being initiated. This not only saves the merchant time and money, but also improves the customer experience. Here is the workflow in 4 simple steps:


1. Data receival: Ethoca receives transaction data from card issuers, including information about potentially fraudulent transactions or disputes.


2. Alerts are sent to merchants: Ethoca sends alerts to merchants in near real-time, notifying them of the potential fraudulent transaction or dispute. The alert includes all relevant information about the transaction, including the transaction amount, timestamp, ARN number and reason for the dispute.


3. Merchants take action: Upon receiving the alert, the merchant can take action to prevent the dispute from turning into a chargeback. The merchant can contact the customer to resolve the issue, issue a refund, or act accordingly in other way.


4. Disputes are resolved: By resolving disputes early on, merchants can prevent chargebacks from occurring, which can save them time and money. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the merchant can still benefit from the early notification, as they can prepare for the chargeback by gathering evidence and submitting a response.


Ethoca Alerts is a key feature of the Ethoca platform. It allows merchants to receive real-time notifications of disputed transactions, allowing them to take immediate action to resolve the issue before it escalates into a chargeback. This can include contacting the customer to address their concerns, issuing a refund, or providing additional documentation to support the transaction. By resolving disputes quickly and effectively, merchants can prevent chargebacks from occurring and reduce the associated costs and negative impact on their business.

  How to set it up?


Setting up Ethoca Alerts is a straightforward process. All it takes is to align with your payment service provider to integrate Ethoca into your existing payment system. 

Here are the steps:

1. Contact your technical integrator, PSP or re-seller and request to set up Ethoca Alerts. They will provide you with the necessary information and instructions to get started.

2. Integrate with Ethoca: Once you have received the necessary information, you will need to integrate your payment processing system with Ethoca. This typically involves setting up API endpoint to receive alerts and send responses.


3. Configure settings: After integration, you will need to configure your Ethoca Alert settings. This includes setting up email notifications, setting up rules for when alerts should be triggered, and configuring how alerts are handled within your payment processing system.


4. Test the system: Before going live with Ethoca Alerts, it is important to test the system to ensure that everything is working correctly. This involves running test transactions and verifying that alerts are being triggered and handled correctly.


5. Go live: Once you have tested the system and everything is working correctly, you can go live with Ethoca Alerts. From this point on, you will receive near real-time notifications of potential disputes or fraudulent activity, allowing you to take action quickly and prevent chargebacks from occurring.


What are the advantages of Ethoca Alerts for your business?


The advantages of Ethoca Alerts are numerous:


1. Early notification of potential disputes: Ethoca Alerts provides near real-time notifications of potential disputes or fraudulent activity, allowing merchants to take action quickly and prevent chargebacks from occurring.


2. Improved dispute resolution: By receiving early notification of potential disputes, merchants can resolve issues before they proceed to chargebacks. This can save time and money, as chargebacks are much more time-consuming and costly to resolve.


3. Better customer experience: By resolving issues early on, merchants can improve the overall customer experience. Customers are less likely to experience the inconvenience of a chargeback, which can damage the relationship between the customer and the business.


4. Increased efficiency: Ethoca Alerts can help clients to improve their payment processing efficiency by reducing the number of chargebacks that need to be handled. This can free up resources and allow businesses to focus on other aspects of their operations.


5. Reduced costs: By preventing chargebacks, businesses can reduce the costs associated with chargeback fees, processing fees, and other related costs. This can save merchants a significant amount of money over time and potentially save their business.

6. To save the best for last: reducing dispute ratios – crucial to help merchants stay compliant and below scheme ratios.


Are you ready to benefit from Ethoca Alerts?


If that sounds about right, get in touch now as eFlowProcessing offers a security package which does not only include Ethoca, but also RDR from VISA, as well as a cutting edge anti-fraud solution ‘Guard’. We are bringing to you one stop shop for fraud and chargeback prevention - eFlowSecure.

Ethoca Alerts, a MasterCard solution
Marek Madej
eFlow Secure Product Manager


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