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eFlow Processing welcomes Robbert van Schaick to its Team of Payment Experts

eFlow Processing, a leading independent sales organization (ISO) in the high-risk payment industry, is pleased to announce that Robbert van Schaick has been appointed as the company’s Head of Sales, effective September 1st, 2023. In his role, Robbert will focus on expanding eFlow’s consistently growing portfolio, as well as nurturing and strengthening relationships with existing clients.

eFlow Processing Welcomes Robbert van Schaick

Adding Robbert in our team is yet another milestone in the relatively short history of the company”, said Benjamin Joyeux, Founder and CEO of eFlow Processing. “Robbert is a pivotal figure in our ambition to further grow and diversify our merchant portfolio. He is a respected and knowledgeable person, known by so many stakeholders and decision makers in the industry. I am confident that with his contribution, we will see further benefits from our recently expanded and improved offerings.”

Robbert accumulated over two decades of experience in commercial roles at multiple high-risk payment providers, including acquirers. He has represented these providers to a range of global Tier-1 merchants across different industries. His deep comprehension of merchants' needs and concerns, coupled with his diverse roles within the payment ecosystem, along with his sense of humor and empathy, demonstrate his proven ability to contribute to the company's long-term objectives.

Joining eFlow Processing is a big honor and an exciting step for me”, said Robbert van Schaick. “The company’s track record of providing valuable information and insights, as well as offering key solutions to its clients, is impressive and exactly how I believe business should be done. The payments world deserves to become even better aware of eFlow’s value proposition, and I look very much forward to contributing to that.”

About eFlow Processing

eFlow Processing is a leading independent sales organization (ISO) specializing in high-risk payments. The company helps merchants open merchant identification numbers (MIDs) at acquiring banks across the globe, providing them with seamless payment processing experience. eFlow Processing also offers innovative chargeback prevention solutions that help merchants reduce fraud and improve their bottom line.

eFlow Processing welcomes Robbert van Schaick to its Team of Payment Experts
Marek Madej
eFlow Secure Product Manager


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