About eFlow Processing

eFlow Processing is a leading independent sales organization (ISO) that specializes in high-risk payments and operates across various European countries. The company helps merchants open merchant identification numbers (MIDs) at acquiring banks globally, ensuring a seamless payment processing experience. Additionally, eFlow Processing provides innovative chargeback prevention solutions, empowering merchants to mitigate fraud and chargeback risks and enhance their financial performance.

Your day to day

You will play an integral role in the daily operations of our company, engaging with clients, partners and prospects. Your responsibilities will range from managing standard application forms to addressing technologically challenging and high-priority issues. In these instances, you will facilitate communication among the relevant stakeholders to collaboratively reach effective solutions.

You will:

  • follow up and perform quality checks on client applications and their provided Know Your Customer documentation;
  • actively contribute to operational (online) partner and client meetings;
  • provide support to the opening of merchant accounts at one of our (card) payments partners;
  • be responsible for relationships with strategic partners in order to offer the best customer experience;
  • facilitate and support configuration settings in context of fraud and chargeback alerting services;
  • pro-actively identify opportunities to grow existing or new business and/or improve processes;
  • deal with questions, mostly sent by e-mail, by immediately answering and/or involving others.

Why should you apply?

You have a pro-active mindset and thrive on embracing responsibility. A full mailbox does not intimidate you because you are able to identify and manage priorities accordingly. People can count on your availability, yet you are capable of setting your boundaries and ensure a healthy work/life balance. Your positive personality makes you a vibrant ambassador for the company. Proficient in English, you bring added value if fluent in additional languages, such as French, Spanish or German. Your enthusiasm for payments and technology, coupled with potential experience in these domains, further enhance your qualifications.

How do we aim to motivate you?

We strongly believe in people’s capacity to make sound decisions. We are a small company considering each colleague as a unique individual with exceptional qualities, granting them the freedom to leverage and enhance these attributes. We encourage you to use this freedom to shape the company and bring eFlow Processing to the next level of operational exceptionalism. We have decades of experience in management positions of different multinational companies within the payments industry. We are boosted by sharing that expertise and knowledge, not only with our clients and partners, but also with all our team members, providing them with great opportunities to grow their career and master their skills. We challenge the conventional notion of commuting and fully support remote working, reflecting our belief in the efficiency and effectiveness of this approach. However, we encourage and facilitate regular get-togethers.


We encourage you to think about the tasks you will cover, how you envision your day-to-day, why you would be a key person to drive those tasks and why you would be a great match for our company’s goals and values. You are invited to send answers to these notions to info@eflowprocessing.com, including your CV.

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